The Principles Collection

Our Principles Collection has been carefully curated to ensure maximum value without compromising on our industry-leading design and quality of service. Taking the most sought-after designs, styles, finishes and colours, we have teamed a wide offering of cabinetry with a core selection of accessories and sensible design principles to deliver maximum impact in a cost-effective way. No two projects are the same – each scheme is carefully considered to reflect the project brief to bring you your dream kitchen, while tracking cost throughout.

This collection is customizable, ensuring your design won’t be sacrificed to suit ‘standard sized’ or ‘off the shelf’ dimensions and will be tailored to each individual project. Achieving a unique scheme is key so, to ensure each kitchen exceeds expectations, our team of designers will advise at various stages along the way, as your project evolves to guide and advise you on how to maximise your budget.

The Principles collection brochure has been designed and laid out to help you gain an initial understanding of what style and design finish may best reflect your own personal style, along with succinctly outlining the options available and what considerations you will need to account for, including how to approximately calculate an initial costing for your complete package. This will provide an informed starting point before taking the next step and arranging a consultation with one of our highly experienced and skilled designers, who will take you through the process in much greater detail, asking the questions you may not have considered, with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve your dream scheme on target. We will create a unique design, produce a fully costed package and offer lots of insider tips and advice along the way, ensuring your complete package is perfect for you. Our family business values have shaped our process to be honest and transparent, which is why we advise on looking at as many possible aspects and cost factors from as early a stage as possible.

Our kitchen packages are much more than just cabinets and worktops, which is why we don’t simply give you a ‘base price’ leading to unforeseen and potentially expensive features and escalating costs. We will guide you from the outset, helping you incorporate key elements of your wish-list without ‘blowing the budget’, helping to balance a strong visual impact with maximum functionality to suit your lifestyle. We don’t want surprise costs; our aim is to consider all elements from the outset, allowing us to provide you with a true project cost from concept stage, giving you peace of mind to enjoy what should be (and will be!) an exciting and memorable experience!

The Bespoke Collection

Our Bespoke Collection embraces everything there is to love about unique, premium quality, custom crafted cabinetmaking. Each kitchen in this collection is custom designed and expertly crafted with exacting standards and scrupulous attention to detail to meet the precise specifications and desires of every individual client. A truly custom design service, no two kitchens are the same just as no two homes or their owners are the same. A bespoke kitchen project with Doran’s represents a unique journey and collaboration of ideas and inspiration from both designer and discerning client.

TEach unique scheme starts with an initial in-depth consultation where we will take time to genuinely understand what our client wishes to achieve from their project. This is where we gain a true and practical understanding of what each client wants in every aspect, from aesthetics to how the space will function and flow. The room in its entirety is taken into careful consideration to ensure the final kitchen design is in perfect proportion, standing seamlessly in its environment as part of the architecture of the space.

Our team of highly skilled designers create every kitchen concept with genuine passion, as though designing a kitchen of their own, providing invaluable input at every stage from earliest concept to the finishing touches. Offering suggestions on design features and finishes, such as colours, materials, and handles, we also work collaboratively, sourcing and incorporating our client’s specific design concepts, transforming their vision into reality.

This collection provides complete design freedom, with varying degrees of design input from each client, depending on how involved they wish to be.

Cabinetry styles and design aesthetic focus on both classic and contemporary genres in this fully bespoke, high-end, inspirational collection. With a selection of lay-on door designs in classic panelled finishes and contemporary slab style facades, channel your style or create a classic-meets-contemporary look with a combination of both. And depending on the look you wish to achieve, choose from painted, natural wood or stained wood finishes for added texture and contrast.

With a selection of Featured classic and contemporary Kitchens to view in our project portfolio, our Creation Concept Kitchens showcase dynamic, design-led schemes using less ubiquitous materials such as slate, metal and Dekton clad doors.

Tailor designed and custom crafted to exceed every client’s expectation, within a budget that will be discussed at an early stage, our truly bespoke collection is uniquely designed and built from the ground up to deliver everything on your wish-list and more. Providing an exceptionally high level of service, design, manufacturing, fitting and finish, your journey to your bespoke kitchen will be seamless and enjoyable from concept to completion. Heritage design for unique interiors, the Bespoke Collection celebrates the finest kitchen design with a luxury finish.

The Premium Collection

Our Premium Collection exemplifies the epitome of outstanding and remarkable furniture design and manufacturing. Each project in this collection is diligently curated to exhibit our most exceptional work.

Comprised of breath-taking in-frame cabinetry, extraordinary interiors, and luxurious feature statements. Using the highest quality materials combined with the undeniable expertise of our team, inspiration has no limit when in this category. From concept to completion, every inch of these projects has been meticulously thought through to ensure that it is completely flawless, both aesthetically and functionally.

Our approach to this range is extremely precise, with every cabinet and In-Framed door fascia created to accommodate its individual purpose. ‘Standardised’ is not a term that exists within this lavish offering.

During the consultations, our designers take great care in analysing each customers exact needs and requirements, whether it is a show stopping bar unit for the entertainer, or the perfect breakfast station for the busy family… these requirements, along with the clients’ personal tastes, are combined to create a fully tailored and bespoke design.

The inherent detail that comes with this range usually lends itself to a more classical style, with elaborate mantle features and emphasized islands, however using diverse materials and a blend of finishes we can produce schemes that have a more contemporary and modern flair. Our designers have an eye for evaluating each individual to gauge what style will accommodate their lifestyle best, bringing a personal and unique touch to every concept we produce.

We then curate a full presentation, showcasing advanced 3D renders and relevant samples to bring our concepts to life. The project then goes through a comprehensive finalising process to confirm all exact finishes and internals, to then be brought to reality by our outstanding team of craftsmen.