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New Style Country

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Our client has an incredible eye for detail – especially since this kitchen has its own architectural characteristics; including exposed solid oak ceiling beams and angled top windows. This timeless, classic style in-frame kitchen sits perfectly in harmony with the gorgeous country surroundings as well as the impressive interior.  There are so many characteristics in this project, in fact there isn’t much more we could squeeze into this design! Pull out oak tray & chopping board units, tall multi-panel feature doors, tall appliance housings including the side-by-side ovens which are positioned in the centre of this gorgeous feature wall. Our ever-so-popular countertop units are also included however this time they have an added element; top open glazed frames, the perfect way to lighten tall cabinetry!  This next section is something One amazing feature in this kitchen is the concealed, push through pantry entrance - This pantry is complete with Lancaster Oak open shelving and matching flat panel doors - allowing our client to keep their daily appliances stored away from the main kitchen area.  This showstopper of an island incorporates the Bora downdraft hob and the preparation sink where the client has chosen to include their Quooker Tap. Further aspects include the quartz Calacatta Gold, over hang breakfast bar and some gorgeous door planeled gables complete the look.