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The New Georgian

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Andrea and Paul’s Georgian-style new build in Co. Armagh has been four years in the planning. ‘We bought the site four years ago but didn’t rush into anything. It has taken until now to plan and build our dream home. We are located in the most tranquil setting with breath-taking views of Slieve Gullion, so we wanted to create a beautiful and calming interior to suit our idyllic setting.’ Wanting to maintain a classic look throughout their home, Georgian influences appealed to Andrea and Paul, who were also keen to put their own personal twist into the finishing touches, such as the striking mantel colour and vintage mirrored splashback.

Browsing around showrooms and looking at magazines for inspiration, Andrea and Paul both knew that supporting and engaging with local businesses was important. ‘Supporting local is most important to us as a couple, so we set out to find the perfect match for us.’ With plenty of time to research and consider the style, look and layout of their kitchen, their ultimate dream kitchen was created by the team at Dorans Kitchen & Home. ‘We wanted a classic style kitchen as timeless appeal was a priority and when we met up with Dorans, we knew right away they were the company to turn our vision into reality.’

Eamon Doran took over the reins of the kitchen project, taking into consideration not only the aesthetics of the kitchen but also the functionally and overall flow of the space. ‘We had a very clear direction of the style of the kitchen that we wanted, but we found it hard to settle on a working layout that ticked all the boxes. We initially started with an island, which was quite awkward in the space, then a breakfast bar on the opposite side which was restrictive of movement. In the end we settled on the breakfast bar extending into the adjoining space to maximise the function of the room while allowing the kitchen to flow. This peninsula style island snakes through the space, connecting to the kitchen, and creating a lovely flow around the room. The island has plenty of space for entertaining and family time, plus it’s ideally positioned to enjoy views of the garden beyond.’

Another superb design detail is the walk-in pantry for an element of the unexpected. With a full wall of cabinetry, the doorway leading to the pantry has been beautifully framed with glazed sections and open shelving, giving the room a cosy furnished feel. ‘The pantry is the perfect place to store all dry foods as well as small appliances. Eamon managed to include endless storage possibilities into this area, including deep drawers, providing extra storage while concealing clutter. We also love how the dark walnut interior creates a striking contrast to the grey palette in the kitchen. The finish on the entire kitchen is exceptional and the level of workmanship and the detail is beautiful.’

At what stage did you become involved in the project? Andrea and Paul took their time to decide all aspects of their forever home before building commenced. Not wanting to rush what they believe is the most important room of the home, no detail was overlooked when it came to planning their kitchen. They approached us early on in their planning stage, which we would always highly recommend, to avoid unnecessary upheaval along the way. The scheme evolved very organically as it was apparent from the first consultation that we had very similar taste in kitchen design.

What was the client’s brief? Andrea had strong views on style, finally settling on a classic Georgian feel, which would stand the test of time in their dream home. Keen to also reflect their own personality and style, the couple were happy to discuss different options, before settling on the striking colour combination and sweeping contoured cabinetry detail. The brief outlined the desire for a stylish entertaining space that would work equally well for cosy family time. With the brief finalized, it was up to me to incorporate Andrea’s ideas into a workable space for family living.

What details were added as the design concept progressed? Rather than going linear with the island, Andrea loved the curved concept of a peninsula island to add a natural flow to the space and create a casual dining space with room for the whole family. As well as introducing the peninsula island, Andrea was keen to add detail to reflect their personality in the design, which we achieved through the use of the vintage mirror splash back and striking accent colour on the mantel. It really sets the design apart and brings an air of individuality to the scheme.

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