Blog 27.02.17

Cool Copper

One of the most important things to finish any kitchen is the accessories. Never just an afterthought, at Dorans Kitchens we carefully produce the best quality rendered designs and help inspire our clients to see the whole picture complete with accessories in mind. Our inner magpie is certainly coming out with the upsurge in copper accessories.

 Copper is a fantastic choice for creating a fresh, timeless look and compliments just about any kitchen whether traditional or modern. Copper, unlike other metals adds warmth and never looks cheap or appears dated. In this recently completed kitchen in Co Armagh copper touches were injected subtly with just the lighting.  Eamon Doran, Managing Director of Dorans Kitchens says -

 ‘Accessories can really make or break any room that why at Dorans we spend a lot of time producing the highest quality renderings and work with our clients to suggest how the whole room should flow and be accessorised rather than simple focusing on just the kitchen cabinetry.  Copper is fast becoming a favourite largely due to its flexibility to really add to any style of kitchen. The copper lights in this kitchen really compliment the modern classic style. The purple chairs also have added a unique contrast and something that everyone comments on.’

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